Family 1996

Santiago wakes up like any other morning. He goes down to the kitchen and his whole family is waiting for him: it's his birthday. They all sing "Happy Birthday to You" and give him presents. But when he opens the present of his youngest son, he gets angry and says he doesn't like it. The boy starts crying and saying that he loves him, but Santiago answers that he doesn't believe him and he tells the boy that he is fired and that he wants another son, who is thinner, who doesn't need glasses and who resembles him more. Written by Pablo Montoya

Rolling Family 2004

A wedding invite from an estranged sibiling inspires a grandmother to assemble her family and embark on a roadtrip in a broken down caravan.

Family United 2013

The director Daniel Sánchez Arévalo ('Azuloscurocasinegro', 'Cousins​​'), he embarks on a new comedy that has as a backdrop the World Cup in South Africa and the setting is a wedding that takes precisely the day of the final. This will be the occasion in which five brothers, all with biblical names, Adam, Daniel, Caleb, Benjamin and Ephraim, gather to celebrate the engagement of Ephraim, the youngest of them, who marries his pregnant girlfriend. Will hours of uncertainty, joy and euphoria back, but it's time to unite for a common good. Can all together to face the situation and erected winners heading?

A Grande Família: O Filme 2007

For forty years, the public functionary and family man Lineu and his beloved wife Nenê celebrate their first date going to the same ball where Lineu borrowed the jacket his competitor Carlinhos. In the present days, Lineu feels uncomfortable when his colleague Pacheco dies and goes to the doctor for health examination. When the result of his tomography arrives, his doctor says that he had seen some blur in his lungs and with that report he would give the correct diagnosis. Lineu steals the document afraid of having a tumor, but he believes he will die sooner. Meanwhile, Nenê meets Carlinhos in the supermarket where he is the manager and invites him to have dinner with her family. Lineu hides his concerns to Nenê, and his attitudes in the dinner misguide Nenê, and she believes Lineu has a lover and does not love him anymore

Crô em Família 2018

Already famous, at the top of his career, owner of his own school of etiquette, Crô sees himself alone and without a family. Lonely and vulnerable, he ends up living at the whim of supposed family, Orlando, Marinalva, Luane and Nando, whose intentions are far from the best. With the inseparable Geni, Magda and Jurema by his side, Crô will embark on an adventure to find his true family while constantly avoiding the venom of the top columnist Carlota Valdez.

A Sort of Family 2017

What limits does Malena cross to get what she wants most? Malena is a 38 year old middle class doctor from Buenos Aires. One afternoon she receives the call from Doctor Costas, who informs her that she must travel immediately to the north of the country: the baby she was waiting for is about to be born. Unexpectedly Malena decides to embark on an uncertain journey, full of crossroads, facing all kinds of legal and moral obstacles that will make her constantly wondering how far she is ready to go.

A Family Submerged 2019

Marcela’s world becomes strange and unfamiliar after her sister Rina dies. She feels lost in her own house, and her relationship with her husband and children seems to suffer. But when Nacho, a young friend of her daughter’s, unexpectedly drops by, she starts to talk and walk with him. Gradually Marcela begins to have conversations with relatives from another dimension.

Family Law 2006

A man in his thirties does not want to be like his father, but that seems to be unavoidable.

Chechu y familia 1992

Chechu is a 13 year old boy who lives surrounded by peculiar people: his grandfather, his uncle, and two maids. He falls in love with one of them.

Familia 2005

When gambling addict Michele moves in with her childhood friend Janine, their teenaged daughter’s burgeoning friendship produces both humorous and heartbreaking results.

Álbum de Família 1981

Follows the decadence of an incestuous oligarch family in a rural Brazilian household through the years during the early 20th century.

Interior. Familia 2014

A couple of loving parents wake up his son in the middle of the night. They must talk about something urgent and horrifying that will change his life forever.

La familia Pérez 1949

A 1949 Mexican comedy drama film directed by Gilberto Martínez Solares and starring Joaquín Pardavé, Sara García and Manolo Fábregas.

Family Games 2016

In this Spanish comedy-drama, a man befriends his wife's lover in an attempt to understand what has happened to their marriage and win her back.

Una familia de tantas 1949

Rodrigo Cataño seeks to impose in his family a Porfirian order. One day a door to door salesman, Roberto del Hierro, comes into the house to sell an American vacuum cleaner from the "Bright O'Home" company. Maru, Mr. Cataño's daughter, watches Roberto while he demostrates the new machine. Roberto leaves and says he will come back to explain Mr. Cataño about the vacuum cleaner. Mr. Cataño is very upset because a man has been in his house without him been present. Nevertheless, with fast and inteligent talk, Roberto sells him the vacuum cleaner and, later on, a refrigerator. Maru is captivated by Roberto and they fall in love. Mr. Cataño is furious when Roberto announces to him he will marry Maru.

Familia 2007

The debate within a family from the Panamanian elite on a referendum for expanding the Panama Channel is illustrated through a poetic journey along a river, a coastline and an inter-oceanic channel. On this journey, the documentary inquires as to whether our understanding of development is at the service of man or if, on the contrary, man is used for the benefit of variables stemming from the notion of development.

La familia P. Luche 2002

A family that deals with the conflicts and problems of daily life but in a comical and exaggerated way with the particularity that they live in a city that is built entirely of stuffed animals and with all the stuffed accessories.

A Grande Família 2001

A Grande Família is a Brazilian television comedy, and is one of the most watched primetime shows. The show airs on the Globo Network, and tells the story of a typical lower middle-class family living in a suburb neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. The family consists of a working father, Lineu, a housewife and mother, Nenê, their son Tuco, their daughter Bebel, and Bebel's fiancée, Agostinho, a taxi driver portrayed as the typical carioca malandro. The family's grandfather, Floriano, was written out of the story after the death of actor Rogério Cardoso. Since its debut on March 29, 2001, the show has broadcast 442 episodes and the thirteenth season starts on April 4, 2013. A Grande Família is the longest-running Brazilian sitcom. A movie based on the series premiered on January 10, 2007.

A Família Ventura 2017

In Vale da Figueira, the Ventura prepare themselves for the first time to spend Christmas without the company of their children and grandchildren. But these plans change a few days before Christmas, when Francisco is taken to the hospital for emergency. This unexpected event will bring everyone inside the same house. Together, they renew their family spirit by accepting the changes that these days of coexistence have brought.

Silencios de familia 2016

The Diamantes are a clasic mid class family from Buenos Aires. There's Miguel (Suiar), his wife Elisa (Diaz) and their three children: Lara (19yo), Tobi (18) and Mia (15). Their lives are quiet and peaceful, however everything is going to change when they meet Fabiana (Bertotti).

Laços de Família 2000

Laços de Família is a Brazilian telenovela produced and aired by Rede Globo in its 8 P.M. schedule, from June 5, 2000 to February 3, 2001. With a total of 209 chapters, it was written by Manoel Carlos, in collaboration with Maria Carolina, Vinícius Vianna, Flávia Lins e Silva and Fausto Galvão, and directed by Moacyr Góes and Leandro Neri with general direction of Ricardo Waddington, Rogério Gomes and Marcos Schechtman. It starred Vera Fischer and Carolina Dieckmann and actors Reynaldo Gianecchini, José Mayer, Tony Ramos, as the respective protagonists of the plot, and actress Deborah Secco as the main antagonist of the story.

My husband has a family 2017

Julieta is quite happy in her relationship with her live in boyfriend, Robert... and thrilled that she won't have to deal with in-laws since Robert doesn't know his family. Things start going downhill for the couple when they rent an apartment from a very eccentric family dealing with a traumatic incident from their past.

Family doctor 1995

A young widowed doctor tries to rebuild his life and take care of his three children and his teenage nephew. In the house also live his father and the cleaning lady, which marks the rhythm of the day to day life of this family. His sister-in-law, who also plays an important role, will end up marrying him. The series also tells the stories of their colleagues at the health center.

Family Issues 2014

In 13 episodes, the series of fiction "Family Issues" portrays the life of Peter, a family court judge that you will find that there is a very common routine. He has a troubled past - his mother still abandoned child - and still carries family problems as his brother's fight to get rid of drugs and hospitalization of the father who is dying. While Peter faces its own family dilemmas, see passing before him in the courtroom, complex family dilemmas: ex-spouses who strive for material goods or custody, children rejected and unrecognized and other surrounding cases. Intoxicated by a need to do justice, Peter develops out of court and investigative dark side that puts you at risk.

Una familia de diez

Una familia de diez is a Mexican family television sitcom that centers around the López household; a middle class Mexican family that constantly endures hilarious situations. They live in an apartment which barely holds living space for them. The series premiered on March 22, 2007 on the channel Canal de las Estrellas. The sitcom was a success, running concurrently in 2007 with other comedy programs such as La familia P. Luche, La parodia, and Vecinos. It was nominated for a TVyNovelas Award for "Best Comedy Program" in 2008, but lost to La familia P. Luche. Due to broadcasting issues, the pending second season hasn't been released yet, though Una familia de diez is planned to be renewed for 26 episodes.

Casos de Familia

Casos de Familia is a Spanish language talk show produced by Venevisión International for Univision. Since January 26, 2004, Univision has broadcast Casos de Familia weekday mornings at 10am. Prior to July 30, 2012, Judith Grace was the main presenter of the talk show; Tere Marín has replaced Judith Grace.

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