La cita 2015

Roberto is presented with a very unusual situation in his life: a date with the girl he likes.

The Perfect Date 2019

No beau? No problem! To earn money for college, a high schooler creates a dating app that lets him act as a stand-in boyfriend.

Rendez-vous 1985

A woman and three men. Nina, who's come to Paris to act and sleeps with any man at hand, meets Paulot, a young estate agent; he's smitten. She also meets Paulot's flatmate Quentin, a compulsive who stalks her. To Paulot's jealous dismay, she's willing to sleep with Quentin, and wants Paulot's friendship. After a desperate act by Quentin, Nina and Paulot share a flat, but she still won't take him as a lover; instead, her energy goes into a production of "Romeo and Juliet" directed by a detached, intense man who becomes her father figure. Quentin's ghost taunts her, Paulot wants to end all contact, and the director plans to return to London. The art of the theater may be her only refuge.

Mickey's Delayed Date 1947

Mickey oversleeps; Minnie calls from the dance he should be at. He dresses quickly and makes a mad dash for the dance hall, but what he doesn't realize is that the tickets have dropped out of the envelope Pluto brought to him. Pluto sees the tickets and races to meet Mickey, but he ends up rolling Mickey in a trash can. This trashes his suit, but it works out, because the dance is a "hard times" costume party. And Pluto shows up in the nick of time with the tickets, saving the day.

One Crowded Night 1940

The future of a group of strangely connected lives is determined on one crucial night at a dinky motel in the desert.

Love by the 10th Date 2017

Four friends balance their dating adventures with their career ambitions at an upscale magazine, teaching themselves and each other how to get the most out of love and life.

Riley's First Date? 2015

Riley, now 12, is hanging out at home with her parents in San Francisco when potential trouble comes knocking: a boy shows up at the door.

My Blind Date with Life 2017

An ambitious young man struggles to achieve his dream of becoming an employee in a Munich luxury hotel despite being strongly visually impaired.

Cita's World

Cita's World is a video music show that aired on Black Entertainment Television in the United States. It was the first show to feature a virtual reality black stereotypical character as the hostess named Cita. Cita's World was the brainchild of Curtis A. Gadson, B.E.T. Senior VP of Programming at that time, & Corey Turner, concept designer and director. They came up with the idea sitting poolside one day laughing about how funny it would be to have a virtual character who could say almost anything...and get away with it! The show was ahead of its time technologically using advanced visual effects techniques that are now standard practice on feature films such as Avatar for onset capture and visualization. Most people don't know that the show actually moved production locations 3 times. The first 2 years the show was produced and shot in BET's headquarters in Washington, DC. The third year the show was moved to Harlem in BET's newly rented space. The Cita's World set and technical infrastructure literally sat next to the 106 & Park set. The fourth and final year the show was moved to Burbank, CA. The show was also given a major overhaul. New optical tracking motion capture to acquire Kali Troy's performances, its own dedicated stage for the blue screen set, and a remodeled and designed Cita. The show would benefit from the relocation to Los Angeles with staff that was already proficient in visual effects workflows and techniques.

Private Practice 2007

Having left behind Seattle Grace Hospital, renowned surgeon Addison Forbes Montgomery moves to Los Angeles for sunnier weather and happier possibilities. She reunites with her friends from medical school, joining them at their chic, co-op, Oceanside Wellness Center in Santa Monica.

In Face of the Crime 2010

Im Angesicht des Verbrechens is a German television series about the Russian mafia in Berlin. It received high critical acclaim, but the viewer figures were disappointing. It was broadcast by ARTE and Das Erste.

The Citadel Folks 2018

The heart of Amman has opened to the dreams of its inhabitants and their fusion in this amazing human rapprochement as the folks of a single geographical area, whatever their religion and ethnicity, they are the Citadel Folks.

Cites 2015

Looking for love, sex, or just someone to move away from the loneliness, the characters in " Cites " meet face to face, after meeting online, laden with uncertainties and hopes. Based on the original format of the British series " Dates " Brian Elsley . Each episode of the series , located in Barcelona , focuses on two of these quotations , which come into play fears , secrets and expectations of its protagonists. A staff relations existing partner network around a character that cross each other and that we will find again throughout the series look.

MacGyver and the New Citan 2012

The action-packed webisodes will show a retired MacGyver muddling along as a handyman, but unable to escape his past he finds himself caught once again in a fight between good and evil. In true MacGyver fashion our hero uses his quick wits, resourcefulness and ever-present Swiss Army Knife and Duct-tape to overcome the challenges he meets, but this time he has a new tool to add to his arsenal, the Mercedes-Benz Citan!

Dating Around 2019

In each episode of flirtations and fails, one real-life single navigates five blind dates. The mission: Find one match worthy of a second date.

The Citadel 1983

A faithful ten part BBC adaptation of A.J. Cronin's book of the same name published in 1937 about a young Scottish doctor (Ben Cross) trying to find a place for himself in the dysfunctional medical system of Wales and England in the 1920s and early 1930s.

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