Loser 2000

On a university scholarship, a good natured student from the midwest gets a crash course in city life while dealing with three evil roommates. He befriends a virtually homeless college student whom he falls for, but she's dating a nasty professor.

The Herd 1979

Because of a local blood feud, a peasant family decides to sell its sheep - a most precious commodity - in far away Ankara. During their long train ride, bribes must be paid to petty officials, sheep are stolen or die in the packed, airless wagons, and the sick wife of one of the family's sons becomes deathly ill.

Just My Luck 2006

Manhattanite Ashley is known to many as the luckiest woman around. After a chance encounter with a down-and-out young man, however, she realizes that she's swapped her fortune for his.

Stalker 1979

Near a gray and unnamed city is the Zone, a place guarded by barbed wire and soldiers, and where the normal laws of physics are victim to frequent anomalies. A stalker guides two men into the Zone, specifically to an area in which deep-seated desires are granted.

Till Luck Do Us Part 2 2013

After all the trouble in the first film, Tino and Jane have more fun adventures. Still tasting bitter failure, they see a light at the end of the tunnel with uncle Olavinho’s unexpected inheritance. However, the will carries an unusual request: the rich uncle wants his ashes to be scattered throughout the Grand Canyon. The couple takes the opportunity of the trip to fulfill this wish and decides to go to Las Vegas and end up getting into comical situations. Big time spender Tino will fall into the greatest temptations and indulge in the casinos of the gambling city.

Cuestión de suerte 1996

In the Spanish neo-noir film Question of Luck Julio (Eduardo Noriega) is at a turning point in his life. His fish farm business has collapsed, and his attractive fiancee, Concha (Leire Berrocal) is pushing Julio to get married. But Julio seems strangely unenthusiastic about marrying into Concha’s affluent family lottery business. Things get complicated when he finds a fortune in jewels...

Till Luck Do Us Part 2012

Check out the hilarious story of luck and misadventures of Tino, a family man whose life is transformed after he wins the lottery. Dazzled by wealth, this boaster spends all his money on a life of luxury and ostentation. But after finding out that he is bankrupt, he faces comical situations: besides not telling his wife he is broke because she is pregnant and cannot get upset, Tino must accept help from his neighbor who is an extremely thrifty financial adviser and the only one capable of getting him out of the rut.

The Horde 2009

A posse of crooked cops, malevolent gangsters and a horde of walking dead are the centre point of this gruesome, tight, action packed, claustrophobic tale of retribution and escape. Penned like animals, on the top floor of a deserted high-rise block, these two opposing gangs find that they are not alone in the lair of bloodthirsty corridors of death. Joining forces to survive, they must reach ground level together or perish. Loaded with a bad ass attitude, guns, axes and extremely creative hand-to-hand combat sequences that project the fears and paranoia that are the fighting forces behind the need to survive, when caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Mi día de suerte 1998

An urban comedy about a day in the life of Falopio Piomonte, a humble filing clerk in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After going to the local bank to deposit his paycheck, Falopio gets accidentally involved in a major bank robbery. A series of terrible mishaps follow, which threaten to drive him completely mad.

Donald Duck: Donald's Lucky Day 1939

Donald Duck, delivery boy, is hired to deliver a mysterious package on Friday the Thirteenth. He is hindered by a bothersome black cat -- and by the fact that the package contains a live bomb.

La suerte está echada 2005

Felipe, an aspiring actor, believes he is jinxed after an unfortunate event. His struggle to find the cause and cure of his jinx. His half-brother is not doing much better, but among the two of them embark on a mission to change their lives and fulfill their father's dream.

Drive 2019

A getaway driver is attracted to a female neighbor whose husband owes money to a local gangster. As a result he is drawn deeper into a dangerous underworld.

Future Lasts Forever 2011

A woman struggles with love and personal loss against the backdrop of a land torn by civil war in this drama from filmmaker Ozcan Alper. Sumru (Gaye Gursel) is a Turkish woman who studies ethnic music at a college in Istanbul and frequently makes field recordings of artists who practice rare and unusual forms. Sumru is struggling with loneliness after the disappearance of her Kurdish boyfriend, and for her latest project, she sets out on a lengthy road trip recording the stories of Kurdish women who have survived the murder of their Turkish husbands or lovers, hoping she might track down her man in her travels. After making her first stop in the city of Diyarbaki, Sumru meets Ahmet, who makes a living selling black market goods and shares her love of music and history. The two become fast friends, and as Ahmet joins Sumru on her travels, their relationship grows deeper, though she also becomes more aware of the tragedy that has gripped her country and the consequences of the civil war.

Hell Ride 2008

Hell Ride is a 2008 feature film from Larry Bishop being released under the “Quentin Tarantino Presents” banner. The film promises to be a blood and sex-soaked tale of motorcycle revenge and retribution.

MadHouse 1990

The luxurious villa of Mark and Jessie Bannister, a yuppie couple, is overrun by loads of uninvited guests who turn the house up side down.

Kill Hitler! The Luck of the Devil 2015

When Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin, he managed to do what many others had tried to do for 20 years. This film explores how the fate of Europe and countless lives may have been very different if it hadn't been for the luck of the devil.

Good Luck Charlie 2010

Good Luck Charlie is an American television sitcom, which premiered on April 4, 2010, on Disney Channel. The series was created by Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen, who wanted to create a program that would appeal to entire families, as opposed to only children. It focuses on a Denver family, the Duncans, as they try to adjust to the births of their fourth and fifth children, Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan and Toby Duncan. In each episode, Teddy Duncan creates a video diary containing advice for Charlie about their family and life as a teenager. Teddy tries to show Charlie what she might go through when she is older in the video diaries for future reference. Each video diary ends with Teddy saying the eponymous phrase, "Good luck, Charlie". Among other decisions, executives included adult-centric scenes and changed the series title from Oops to Love, Teddy and finally to Good Luck Charlie in order to ensure the series would appeal to all family members. Good Luck Charlie premiered on Disney Channel in the United States on April 4, 2010. It premiered in Canada on April 5, 2010, the United Kingdom and Ireland on May 14, 2010, and in Australia and New Zealand on July 23, 2010. Good Luck Charlie was renewed for a second season, with production beginning in August 2010 with a season premiere on February 20, 2011. A feature-length Christmas Disney Channel Original Movie based on the series entitled Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! began production in March 2011 for a December 2011 premiere.

Lucky Romance 2016

A romantic comedy about superstitious woman who tries to change her foretold fate by seducing a virgin and nerd guy. Bo Nui is a superstitious woman who relies too much in fortune-telling. One day she gets to know that if she doesn't sleep with a virgin man born in 1986 (year of tiger), she will die soon. She then meets an incredibly stingy guy Soo Ho. Bo Nui learns that he matches the conditions set forth by the fortune teller and sets out to seduce him. Unfortunately for her, Soo Ho is a nerd CEO of a game company who trusts only in logical and scientific things.

Regular Show 2010

Two bored groundskeepers, Mordecai (a six-foot-tall blue jay) and Rigby (a hyperactive raccoon) are best friends who spend their days trying to entertain themselves by any means necessary, much to the displeasure of their boss. Their everyday pursuits often lead to things spiraling out of control and into the surreal.

Una familia con suerte

Una familia con suerte is a Mexican telenovela produced by Juan Osorio for Televisa. It is based on the Argentinean telenovela Los Roldán. Luz Elena Gonzales, Arath De La Torre and Mayrín Villanueva star as the main protagonists. Una familia con suerte won 4 awards in Premios TVyNovelas: Best young lead actor, best male & female revelation, and best musical theme. Canal de las Estrellas aired Una familia con suerte from February 14, 2011 to February 19, 2012, with Por Ella Soy Eva replacing it. Univision originally planned to air Una familia con suerte in spring 2011 after Llena de amor ended, though Cuando me enamoro was shown instead. A prime time airing was later announced on July 21, airing at 8pm central from October 4, 2011 to January 6, 2012, replacing Teresa. Univision aired 2 hours of Una familia con suerte during 2012. From December 27 to December 30, 2011, it temporarily replaced La fuerza del destino's former time slot. From January 9, 2012 to January 27, it replaced Cuando me enamoro's time slot. From February 6 to May 23, 2012, it was permanently seen at 7pm central, with Un refugio para el amor replacing it. As of May 30, 2013, Univision is broadcasting reruns of Una familia con suerte weekday overnights at 12am/11c, replacing Al diablo con los guapos.

Friends with Better Lives 2014

A comedy about six friends at different stages in their lives – married, divorced, newly engaged and single – who are outwardly happy, but secretly questioning if their friends have it better. Andi and Bobby are happily married with two kids but at times long for the days they had less responsibility and more fun; Will is newly single and preaching the bachelor lifestyle, but still pining for his ex-wife; Jules and Lowell are high on their passionate new relationship; and Kate has a successful career but may take a swan dive into the L.A. River when she finds out her last remaining single friend, Jules, just got engaged. When it comes to relationships, these six friends are finding it a challenge to look at each other without wondering… who really has the better life?

The Last Ride

The Last Ride is an American TV action drama directed by Guy Norman Bee and starring Dennis Hopper, Will Patton, Nadine Velazquez and Fred Ward. The story for the movie was written by Rob Cohen, well known for directing another automotive action movie, The Fast and the Furious. The movie premiered on June 2, 2004 on the USA Network and, at the time of its release, was primarily used by General Motors to market the new Pontiac GTO. During late 2004 and early 2005, it was also released in several countries outside of the United States, mostly as a straight-to-DVD movie.

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