Atlantis Expedition 1988

In one of the most inspiring expeditions of the 20th century, Alfredo Barragan sets out to prove that primitive men could traveled from Africa to America long before Columbus' trip. He creates a raft with the same materials these primitive men could have arranged and together with four brave friends he sets out to sail the Atlantic Ocean - and the adventure begins. He didn't only want to prove this hypothesis but he also wanted to prove that a men, with determination and enough planning, can achieve what seems impossible. "Let men know that men can!". Don't miss this amazing and inspiring story that will make you believe again in yourself and in mankind.

Expedicion Juan Fernandez 2014

In this first chapter on Insular Chile, we visit the main island of Archipielago Juan Fernandez, Robinson Crusoe Island. On a trip full of adventure, we discover a beautiful culture and good waves for surfing in company of Cristian Merello and Ramon Navarro.

Expedition Mars 2016

This is the story of the epic struggle to get the rovers Spirit and Opportunity to Mars. When they landed in 2004 the rovers weren’t expected to last much more than 90 days but instead they repeatedly cheated death for years, with Opportunity still going today. Their unprecedented record of discovery and resilience opened the Martian frontier for good and launched the modern age of exploration.

Expedition Bismarck 2002

James Cameron take several survivors from the German ship and crew, and together use state of the art technology to discover the ship wreck as it is today. Diving in submersibles and using ROV's we get to see the inside of the giant ship from WWII which sits on the bottom of the sea.

All Star Superman 2011

Lex Luthor enacts his plan to rid the world of Superman, once and for all. Succeeding with solar radiation poisoning, the Man of Steel is slowly dying. With what little times remains, the Last Son of Krypton must confront the revealing of his secret identity to Lois Lane and face Luthor in a final battle.

Solar Crisis 1990

A huge solar flare is predicted to fry the Earth. Astronauts aboard the spaceship Helios must go to the Sun to drop a bomb equipped with an Artificial Intelligence (Freddy) and a Japanese pilot (as a back up if the Artificial Intelligence fail) at the right time so the flare will point somewhere else.

Wild Burma: Nature's Lost Kingdom 2013

For the first time in over 50 years, a team of wildlife film-makers and scientists has been granted access to venture deep into Burma's impenetrable jungles. Their mission is to discover whether these forests are home to iconic animals, rapidly disappearing from the rest of the world - this expedition has come not a moment too soon.

Expedición Robinson

Expedición Robinson was a popular television show that aired in Argentina from 2000 to 2001 and was the first edition of Robinson, or Survivor as it is referred to in some countries to air in South America. The show was not a success in Argentina and after only two seasons the show was canceled. The name alludes to both Robinson Crusoe and The Swiss Family Robinson, two stories featuring people marooned by shipwrecks.

Expedition: Bismarck

Expedition: Bismarck is a 2002 documentary film produced for the Discovery Channel by Andrew Wight and James Cameron, directed by James Cameron and Gary Johnstone, and narrated by Lance Henriksen. The film follows an underwater expedition to the German battleship Bismarck and digitally reconstructs events that led up to the ship's sinking during World War II. In 2003 the film was honored with an Emmy award for Outstanding Sound Editing for Non-Fiction Programming.

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